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David Watson 

Founded in 2020, this organization sprung from the desire to recognize the importance of guiding organizations in the right direction.  With a strong emphasis on celebrating diversity, we focus on holistic approaches to truly empower leaders to make ethical decisions to systematically steer their organizations in the right direction while strategically providing access and modeling inclusionary practices. 

Passion for Education

During my early years…specifically in middle school, I fell off track and began to associate with undesirable elements.  Before I knew it, I was completely involved in a negative lifestyle and began to experience some of the adverse aspects of that lifestyle. 

I was already on probation by the time I entered high school.  For a 14-year-old middle child

with very little direction, I wanted to change my life, but routinely reverted back to the

same negative atmosphere. 

My wrestling coach took me under his wing, made sure I was surrounded by positive influences and kept me busy.  I stayed out of trouble.  After graduating from high school, I eventually became a college graduate…a total of four times. 

Little did I know, I was on the “School to Prison Pipeline”.  Realizing the time and effort my circle invested in me was priceless.  Due to this experience, my positive transformation led me to pursue a career in education. 

This career provided me with the platform to give back to my community in several ways.  Most importantly, positively impacting adolescent minds and behaviors, focusing on empowering students to make the right decisions, prioritizing the importance of student voice and advocating for the eradication of the school to prison pipeline. 

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In order to run an organization in an efficient manner, the concept of leadership must exist within the confines of your institution.  My leadership philosophy focuses on the importance of a shared vision, getting the right people on the bus, modelling the way, empowering others to lead and how teamwork can make the dreamwork. 


Law Enforcement

My law enforcement career began in July of 2001 as a Correctional Officer with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  Within four years, I held posts as an officer in the Investigative Services Unit, a Correctional Sergeant and an Internal Affairs Sergeant. 

I promoted out of the institution to a Parole Agent I.  During this time, I had specialized caseloads (GPS) consisting of Validated Prison Gang Members and High-Risk Sex Offenders. 

This diverse environment helped me understand the importance of working alongside individuals with various backgrounds, beliefs, and societal status. 

In 2013, I decided to move to the Pacific Northwest and begin my educational career. 

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Law Enforcement prepared me for my education career.  Without this experience, the expression...early intervention is the key, would not be part of my vocabulary.  I was once on the school to prison pipeline and later understood the true meaning of my life experiences.  Education is the key and the only way to end the school to prison pipeline is through early intervention. 

Due to this realization, I focused on expanding my education in a way that would allow me to have a positive impact on the lives of our future leaders.  I obtained a total of three Master’s Degrees:  Leadership and Organizational Studies, Teaching, and Educational Administration.  Furthermore, I also earned my Principal Certification.

My Family

As future trailblazers, the voices of our young adult leaders are very important.  I am blessed to have my two prize possessions on this journey with me…my son David and daughter Adriane.  They both have decided to continue their education and are doing quite well in school.  I have asked them to provide their honest and frank

(21 and 18-year-old) perspective of the world today. 

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Administrative, Teaching,  Leadership & Work Experience


Canyon Park

Middle School

2020 - Present

Assistant Principal


St. George

Parish School

2018 - 2020

Vice Principal

Language Arts / Reading

odea high school.png


High School

2015 - 2018



American Legal System

BSUE Club Moderator


California Department of Corrections

2005 - 2013

Parole Agent I

Investigative Sergeant-Internal Affairs

Correctional Sergeant


Masters in Educational Administration – Seattle University, Seattle WA, 2019

Masters in Teaching – Northwest University School of Education, Kirkland WA, 2015

Masters in Leadership and Organizational Studies – Fresno Pacific University, Fresno CA, 2013

Bachelors of Arts – California State University Sacramento, Sacramento CA, 2001

Administrative Certificate – Issued November 2019

Teaching Certificate – Issued October 2017

Certification - Dare to Lead Trained

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