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Testimonials: Clients


Katy Plautz

(St. George Parent)

Dave’s life experience, story and faith give him a perspective that allows him to speak with truth and love.  As our daughter’s teacher, we saw him intervene in challenging situations where differences came into play.  He recognized each kid as an individual and was not held back by typical assumptions or stereotypes.  The result: strengthened relationships and healing.

Marva Harris


Mr. Watson is a true leader. He is a great resource for the school to prison pipeline for students of color. His mentorship for boys of color has provided a unique perspective in helping them to succeed and build self-confidence. His tireless unwavering effort to educate the community regarding diversity and equality is unmatched. I have been blessed to have had him engaged in me and my two grandsons’ lives.

Kenny Rogers (Parent)

(Owner of Rain City Catering)

Dave is a remarkable teacher, administrator and leader.  He makes it a point to create those personal relationships that last a lifetime.  His calm, cool and collective demeanor, coupled with his ability to communicate with people of all ages, ethnicities and genders, makes him a powerful ally to like individuals who want to eradicate systemic racism and celebrate diversity.

Bill Trinen

(St. George Parent)

Dave Watson is an incredible role model for his students. He has a wealth of life experience that he draws on to open students up to perspectives they might not otherwise encounter, and he instills in them the hard earned lessons he has learned along the way.

Aris Garcia

(St. George Parent)

David is an upstanding citizen with tremendous passion in helping our communities have a great foundation.  He has demonstrated this in many capacities when he was a Vice Principal at St George School.  David believes in keeping our children in school and instilling in them the important values in life to help with their growth and success!

Diane Dobson

Renton Chamber of Commerce

Renton New Teacher’s Orientation

Mind blown and so appreciative of who you are -what you do- the path your life has taken and the choices you have made to give back in the ways you do.  Thank You.  We have been receiving messages this morning about how your message inspired those new teachers and grounded those tenured educators.  You are a breath of fresh air in the chaos of the world today.

Jason W. Burnett

(St. George Parent)

Dave was the homeroom and Language Arts teacher for my son’s eighth grade class. From the first day till the last, Dave brought an energy to the class that helped these 14 year old kids begin to understand the complex American social, political and cultural dynamics that shaped this country and the world our kids will inherit. He was intense, demanding, funny, open-hearted, genuine and truly willing to listen, to hear, and to engage with both his students and their parents. Two years later, my son and his friends still make plans to connect with Mr. Watson. I endorse him wholeheartedly.  

Audrey Trinen

(St. George Student)

He cares for his students and their well being as if they are his own children.

David Mazzeo, O’Dea Alumni Director, Co-Moderator O’Dea Diversity and Equity Committee

During his time at O’Dea High School, Mr. David Watson was involved in a variety of activities in addition to teaching. He co-moderated O’Dea’s BSUE Chapter (black students united for excellence), lead field trips with O’Dea students and staff to Seattle’s MLK Day March, the MOHAI’s (Museum of History and Industry) ”Seattle on the Spot; the Photographs of Al Smith” (O’Dea first black graduate in 1935 – and famous photographer) and more. Mr. Watson got along with all students and staff during (and after) his time at O’Dea. Many of these students would come to Mr. Watson needing help or support, and his door was always open. People trust and respect Mr. Watson and value his sincere ability to make everyone feel loved and seen.

Montique Edwards

Coach Watson is a excellent man. Great role model. Leads by example and can lighten up a room instantly. During my time with him at O’Dea , Coach brought a multitude of students together to achieve a common goal. Strive for excellence. Coach never saw skin color, he saw young men destined for greatness.

Lisa Buchheit

I met Dave Watson when he was teaching at my sons’ school, O’Dea High School in Seattle.  O’Dea is an all-boys school, which is particularly diverse, as the students commute in from 97+/ - zip codes around the greater Seattle area.


For many of these boys, this was their first experience interacting with the multiple cultures and ethnicities represented at this school. Dave created a safe and respectful space in his classroom, inviting his students to share their own backgrounds, and explore others. This often led to Frank discussions, which my sons found enlightening. My sons often came home and shared what they learned from their peers, and also lessons from Dave's stories of his early career in law enforcement.


Dave also coached my two sons on sports teams; he brought his excellent character and high moral code into the competitions, ever supportive of these young men, win or lose.


Dave Watson made authentic connections with his students; when he left O’Dea to further his career, he took with him many friendships: the friendships he had forged not only with his students, but with many parents as well. We continue to see Dave socially, and value his friendship.

Jonelle Matsushima, BSN FNE

Former Parent and Colleague, St. George School, Seattle, Washington

We currently are in historical times as we explore “climate of care” within schools, workplace settings, communities and as a nation, all while facing social unrest in our society as we experience the effects of injustice and inequity. Now more than ever are we in need of leadership that assists us with finding value and significance in diversity, equity and inclusion. David Watson has an innate capacity for appreciating how diversity, equity and inclusion encompasses the concept of belonging. He makes us realize that as human beings, belonging offers us a sense of security that influences our thoughts and behaviors. And it is through these thoughts and behaviors that enable us to create meaningful relationships with one another. His work is inspiring and infectious. It is not often that we have the opportunity to cross paths with someone so insightful, passionate, courageous, and pioneering as David Watson. He uses his past experiences and knowledge base to enable himself to be relatable, humble and compassionate. He is someone who “walks the talk” and leads by example.

Leticia Hernandez

St George parent

Mr. David Watson is a leader in education. I can personally attest to his ongoing commitment to eradicate the slew of obstacles that hinder the educational pursuits of diverse students. My daughter was a student in his classroom for several years at St. George Parish School. I directly correlate her academic success to Mr. Watson. Mr. Watson’s demeanor and his genuine desire to teach his students seeps through inside and outside the classroom. His methods and structure within his classroom illustrate his deep understanding of issues particular to students of color. He provided a safe and nurturing space for academic excellence where students were encouraged to delve deep into the material to understand its (oftentimes) problematic history through the incorporation of racial and social justice discussions. I truly cannot praise Mr. Watson enough. He is a brilliant and stellar teacher but most importantly he truly cares about his students’ growth and development. He takes this responsibility seriously as demonstrated by his personal and professional accolades.

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